Space and Defense

Space and Defense



In partnership with the Olmsted Foundation, ARDI-The Academic Excellence Foundation, United States Air Force Academy Endowment, USAFA Department of Political Science, and USAFA Association of Graduates, the United States Air Force Academy Department of Political Science hosted the 62nd Air Force Academy Assembly, 13-14 October, 2020 in Colorado Springs.

A total of 122 undergraduates from twenty-two colleges gathered virtually and in-person to engage experts from academia and civil society on American politics and national security. The event featured three plenary panel discussions and a Keynote Address by Lt. General (ret.) H.R. McMaster, published in Space & Defense Vol. 12, No. 2 (Summer 2021): 67-74. The focal point of the conference was the ten immersive student roundtables, where student delegates engaged in discussions aimed at understanding forces contributing to political polarization in the United States and the effects that such civil discord has on national security. The roundtable discussions and recommendations are summarized below.





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