Space and Defense

Space and Defense


Student Voices

The National Security Innovation Network requires further reform to achieve its hope for long-term effects on defense innovation.

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) was crated in 2016 after a rebranding of the MD5 National Security Technology Accelerator and is actively changed with the mission to "build networks of innovators that generated new solutions to national security problems." NSIN is just one of the plethora of government organizations tasked with some form of "innovation." As the world begins to change and the United States no longer enjoys a period of unrivaled growth and security, government, military, and private leaders have begun to push for less red tape and more efficient processes when it comes to innovating for security, NSIN, in particular, is responsible for creating networks of industry, and government leaders interested and will in to work with the DOD while, at the same time, connecting innovators and companies to those in the DOD who can use their products and expertise. It is less concerned with producing end products than it is creating relationships that can hasten the rate at which products are made and problems are solved. One of its programs, Hacking for Defense (H4D), is run at universities and aims to take high performing students and put them in small groups charged with solving DOD problems with advisement from sponsors, mentors, and instructors. H4D is an innovative programs that produces value for the sponsors, students, and the universities where it is run, by NSIN lacks mechanisms to measure efficacy and needs to improve its long-term tracking of former students.





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