Space and Defense

Space and Defense


Student Contribution

If tourism were proportional to political stability in the sense that more people would want to travel to destinations in which they are ensured some semblance of security, then Thailand would indeed be one of the most stable and secure countries in the world, particularly in 2011 according to Forbes and Lonely Planet travel blogs. The truth, however, is that Thailand is simply a country that has done well to mask its political turmoil with the exception of the Bangkok riots of 2006. In reality, Thailand is a whirlpool of political deception, monarchical clandestine operations, and military intervention. Stability is the appealing white sheet draped over these problems by none other than Thailand’s beloved King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest reigning, living monarch, ascending to the throne in 1946. With his death comes the risk of political disorder in Thailand should its political trajectory remain so uncertain.





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