Publications by the Counseling Department faculty members are collected here.


Submissions from 2015


Development of an Integrative Wellness Model: Supervising Counselors-in-Training, Ashley J. Blount and Patrick R. Mullen


Development and Sustainability of ePortfolios in Counselor Education: An Applied Retrospective, Ann Luther and Paul E. Barnes


Development of Counseling Students’ Self-Efficacy During Preparation and Training, Patrick R. Mullen and Olivia Uwamahoro

Submissions from 2005


Comprehensive School Guidance Programs in Nebraska: Implications for Rural Schools, Paul E. Barnes, Thomas R. Scofield, David D. Hof, and Donna Vrbka

Submissions from 2003


Web-Based Digital Portfolios and Counselor Supervision, Paul E. Barnes, Paul A. Clark, and Bryce Thull

Submissions from 2002


The Development and Validation of the Ethical Climate Index for Middle and High Schools, Laura E. Schulte, Franklin Titus Thompson, Jeanie Talbott, Ann Luther, Michelle Garcia, Shirley Blanchard, Laraine Conway, and Melanie Mueller

Submissions from 1995


The Effect of Gender and Age on PPST Performance in an Urban Teacher Education Program, Judith Harrington