Journal of Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership in Education


For beginning teachers, Fall 2020 provided an unforgettable first year. The previous spring had brought abrupt and unexpected changes to teaching. Schools closed without notice, student teaching experiences stopped midway through, and teachers were thrown into situations they had never been trained to address. This led to difficult decisions and new obstacles as the world fought to manage COVID-19 and the associated fallout. Teacher candidates graduated with incomplete student teaching experiences and gaps in understanding. Induction programs support beginning teachers as they transition into their own classroom and provide guidance in meeting performance standards. As a result, seven local school districts and one metropolitan university induction program partnered to support high-intensity induction in the midst of the pandemic. This raised the question: What impact, if any, did COVID-19 have on beginning teachers and the induction support provided? This paper outlines the changes in targeted mentoring and coaching actions, the actions most affected by COVID-19, and the implications moving forward.



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