Journal of Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership in Education


Since high school achievement has reached permeation in American society today, a college degree is becoming the new norm in the level of education that is needed for a sufficient standard of living desired by most people. Studies indicate pre-college experiences are key to the transition to college and completion of a degree. Although high school GPA was the gauge of later success in college, it has been found there is more to college and career readiness than GPA indicates. Students must be educated in developing the necessary skills in college admissions procedures, financial aid and scholarships, and the disposition and tenets of being a college student. Dual enrollment can help provide high school students college experience, which builds familiarity and a basic understanding of how colleges and universities operate and confidence so these students can manage the demands of higher education. Dual enrollment offers authentic course delivery, assessments, and professional development so students can have a smooth bridge from high schools to college and career readiness. The success of dual enrollment programs can be seen in students feeling competent in their chosen areas, and the feelings these students develop of real responsibility and success which builds motivation, even though the courses were challenging.



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